Media – 05. 08. 2019

Advantages of an electric bike

Although the first electric bicycles saw the light of day more than a century ago, their real penetration into the market began only a few years ago. Of course, the first electric bike looked completely different than it does today. It had very wasteful electric motors, huge batteries and a short range.

Many of you may think that the electric bike is a big secret. However, when we entrust you with some of the main advantages of its use, it can happen that you will change your opinion about them. Here are the five most important advantages of electric bicycles.

1. Adjust power levels and adjust driving style

With the e-bike, the electric motor helps you ride, which does not mean that the bike rides alone. With the help of a computer system, you can adjust the power level and adjust the driving style. In practice, this means driving with a lower electric motor power on a plane and with a higher power on a slope. Of course, this is only the case if you have a bike with electric support (pedelec). Even if you only have an electric battery installed on a normal bike, someone can still “blame” you for riding a motorcycle.

2. Cycling trips will be a pleasure for you again

If you have ridden a classic bike for just over 10, 20 or 30 kilometers, the electric bike allows you to ride longer tours, maybe even longer than 100 kilometers. Above all, there is valuable electrical support during ascents: there is no excuse for the occasional descent, there are no more snails driving slowly and winding, there is no more sunken face …

In this way, e-biking restores your cycling pleasure, mainly due to the easier way to overcome slopes. Hidden corners of nature will be accessible to you again or just much easier, and your body will still get a sufficient dose of relaxation and pleasure.

3. An electric bike does not require “cycling” legs

Strong legs are a matter of fitness. This is not enough for everyone whose work involves a lot of sitting and does not take time for training even in their free time. Electric bikes are especially welcome for those who are struggling with illness and, of course, the problem of weakening strength due to age. For an electric bike, you do not need more power in your legs, as most of the effort can be taken up by an electric motor. Otherwise, the e-bike is intended for all age groups and is very welcome for children to find it easier to compete with their parents.

4. For exercise after injury

An electric bicycle can also be used to move around after certain injuries. With it, you can regain strength faster and easier. The use of an electric bicycle will also be recommended by your doctor. The doctor will also recommend an electric bike to heart patients and all those who need to avoid excessive exertion for other medical reasons.

5. One charge of the bike allows up to 170 km of driving

Did you know that one charged battery of an electric bike gives you a range of 80 to 170 kilometers? The final range largely depends on the model and power of the battery, but at the same time it is of course influenced by the weight of the rider, the temperature of the atmosphere and the type of cycling tires (smooth or profiled). The battery discharges the fastest when driving on more demanding uphill slopes.