We are a boutique travel agency.

The beauty of the natural environment and the cultural and technical heritage in it inspires us. We admire history, tradition, ethnological heritage and people who shape this cultural landscape with their exceptional personalities. We are enthusiastic about original local cuisine and the customs and habits of traditional environments, including the innovations and achievements of the present. We want to promote this enthusiasm through travel opportunities, which we design by weaving fragments of this knowledge and experience into the experience of travel

We aim to pass this on to travelers who get to know the places and people with us.

Why travel "green"?

Green, sustainable or ecological. There is no big difference; the emphasis is on the approach to travel, which preserves us our experiences, but at same time preserves the future to our descendants. We love to travel; we crave new discoveries and countries. However, it is responsible to realize it by leaving the door open for future generations. Hence the decision to TRAVEL GREEN.

Respect for the creations of natural and cultural heritage requires us to damage and change them with our presence as little as possible, so we believe that a “green” approach to travel should be further developed and enjoyed.

In addition, what is GREEN? GREEN is a mature and conscious decision that the extent of our satisfaction with the journey does not depend on the number of “quick flights”. For the attraction can also be a lovely country church on a green lawn in unspoiled nature, perhaps even more than a boastful cathedral in the middle of a traffic-saturated city center. Moreover, the attraction can be a beautiful flower that laughs at us from the green lawn, or a butterfly that lands on our nose. And we can be happy when we see a beautiful waterfall or a clear stream. On the other hand, as we slowly approach the pulse of a rural village or town center and drink their scents and voices. Happiness is when we overcome an obstacle or we overcome distance. Happiness is in the little things!

Happiness can also be in giving up something that robs our descendants of a carefree future, and finding equal or even greater satisfaction in countless small experiences and joys. Like this is a bike trip! Though also going on foot, on horseback, mule, donkey, elephant, camel…. or by public transport such as train, ship, boat, kayak or bus…..

Therefore, our conscious decision is:

to travel GREEN, sustainable, because such a trip is equally or even more fun, pleasant and exciting, but at the same time healthy and above all environmentally responsible

to get to the starting point of the trip GREEN – by public transport (if possible)

to eat locally and seasonally produced food offered by local organic producers

to meet locals on the trip, no matter whether they are famous and successful personalities, local characters, folk singers, musicians or dancers, antique collectors, creators of traditional or modern handicrafts or just random passers-by

to support “local” in all other segments of tourism: by buying souvenirs from local producers, choosing local service providers and accommodation, etc.

Why choose to travel with an agency?

Experienced tourist guides and at the same time experienced cyclists make the route plan, what guarantee that it guide us along the most suitable roads or trails for cyclists and that it covers all or at least most of the local attractions.

The routes are pre-tested and remotely coordinated, to avoid the danger of encountering sections that are too demanding or for which you are not properly equipped, or that you do not get suitable accommodation on time and are therefore forced to extend the trip in the evening or beyond capacity.

We choose for you the most attractive accommodation and the highest quality providers of local cuisine, and we arrange for you to taste the most typical and delicious local specialties. Because we know the local environment in detail, we make sure that you get to know the best, the most interesting and the most original from it!

Detailed descriptions of arrangements allow you to choose the one that suits you best.

Our main concern is the well-being and, above all, the SAFETY of the participants of our travels.

Why travel in a group?

Group travel allows you to unlock especially for you doors that are usually closed.

Traveling in a group allows you to cook especially for you dishes that are only occasionally offered.

Group travel allows you to make just for you special arrangements to meet an interesting individual, a group-friendly sightseeing tour, guided tours, etc.…

Meet new people with similar interests.

In company of friends, travel is more fun and varied.

About the founder of the agency

Founder of the GREMO GREEN | GO GREEN WAY travel agency Irena Hlede has always combined professional interests with sporting ambitions, but the common thread has always been her commitment to nature

Thus, she first took her career as an architect in publishing and journalism, and within the KLIK magazine, published by her company Pro anima, she was one of the first in Slovenia to write about sustainable construction, design and sustainable mobility. In year 2010 rounded off the initiative to establish the Slovenian association for sustainable construction – Green Building Council Slovenia

After seven years of operational management of this non-governmental organization, she switched to her second life commitment – cycling. It accompanied her from her student years onwards and developed from sport cycling through active participation in the Koloart cycling club and in at the end to active long-distance cycling. As part of the cycling association, which is committed to cycling and culture at the same time, independently or in cooperation with other members of the association organized several cycling tours in Slovenia and Europe, where cycling was complemented by learning about culture, history, music, traditions, etc.

On long-distance cycling, she traveled more than 10,000 kilometers across Europe in the company of her partner and puppy Babet.

At the same time, she was active in non-governmental initiatives and associations in the field of sustainable mobility and gained several qualifications, from the cyclist-friendly employer certifier, through the Mobility Plan Maker to the supervisor of European cycling routes EuroVelo.

She rounded it all off in the year 2021 by passing the exam for a tourist guide at the national level.

In addition to being a nature lover and an active advocate of sustainable living, she is also passionately committed to preserving cultural and technical heritage, participating in Drywall Partnership campaigns and actively pursuing all her life commitments in her traditional stone karst house.