Health on the Go

Preparation before departure

We plan our cycling trips in a way that they are suitable for all target groups of users, but before leaving and upon check-in, nevertheless consider all medical formalities and useful pre-preparation. You will be better physically and mentally prepared to enjoy the journey more relaxed. So do everything you need at home!
If you have limited mobility or other health problems (allergies, chronic diseases, driving sickness…), consult us. It is important that we know your situation, because with additional preparation and information of the guides, we can facilitate your trip and make additional preparations.

Recommendation – the best possible physical fitness

In principle, all trips are suitable for anyone with average physical fitness. Nevertheless, physical fitness on the go always benefits. Not so much for overcoming efforts, but more for general travel well-being and resistance of the organism. During the journey, the body is exposed to many changes and challenges, which a better-prepared body can more easily accept and adapt to. The better your well-being, the greater your travel pleasure!
We defined the complexity of the trips by several categories, especially according to the configuration of the terrain and the length of the daily sections. In the section “tour summary”, trips are described according to the level of difficulty. We advise you to read the above descriptions carefully and decide on the type of trip that suits you best.

Electric bicycles

Electric bicycles or bicycles with electric support have brought many changes to the world of cycling. It is essential that they help us overcome ascents and longer distances. Simply put: we arrive at our destination sooner and less tired.
This is especially important for all cyclists who have any health problems or whose fitness level is slightly lower due to lack of exercise or age. For the latter, the e-bicycle is also a therapeutic agent, as electric support helps them to regulate the level of effort to a level that does not endanger their health. Therefore, doctors even advise it some patients, especially heart patients.
Cycling on the plain is effortless, but it quickly becomes boring – the real pleasure of safety and relaxation in unspoiled nature is most often offered by hilly terrain. The “invention” of e-bikes has made these pleasures accessible to a much larger number of users. If we advise you to choose an e-bike for your trip, the reason is that the participants of our trips can dedicate themselves to the pleasures of travel, attractions and culinary experiences along the way. So do not hesitate in choosing an e-bike if there are any good reasons for it!

Assisted health insurance

We try to make our cycling trips as safe as possible for the participants, but adverse events can still happen. Therefore, we advise all passengers to take out additional health insurance with assistance (Coris or similar). We can also arrange this for you based on demand.

Health on the go

Two basic rules apply to guided tours:

  • Basic rule 1: preventive medical treatment on the go is the key to travel pleasures!
  • Basic rule 2: consult a guide in case of health problems!

On self-guided tours, participants must take care of their own health and safety by their own, of course.
When traveling, it is most important that the passenger pay attention to preventive medical treatment and the necessary protection. The human body on the journey is exposed and acts differently than at home. Health risks are always present, so follow the guide’s advice!
In the event that the Coris insurance is exercised, the passenger communicates and arranges with the insurance company. All possible costs are borne by the passenger and are later claimed by the insurance company directly. The guide is of great help to you!

Measures related to the COVID virus epidemic 19

The epidemic of COVID 19 has brought many commitments into our lives that need to be respected. These change frequently, so on this page we will publish all the information that will be current for participants in our travels and the countries through which they travel.

February 19, 2022

As of 19 February 2022, restrictions due to Covid-19 no longer apply when entering Slovenia. This means that:

  • Slovenia• the RVT (recovered/vaccinated/tested) condition no longer has to be met at the border and
  • travelers will no longer be ordered to quarantine at home.

Because the risk of infection with COVID-19 is still present, it is recommended that, upon planning the journey abroad, you monitor the epidemiological situation along the intended route, check the entry requirements of the destination country and take into account the decisions of local authorities. Upon your return to Slovenia, observe the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) and other measures applicable during the epidemic.

Please note that tourist accommodation facilities in Slovenia are opened. For more information see Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 infections.

Crossing the state border with Croatia

Prior to entry to Croatia, passengers can send their data via a designated website of the Croatian Ministry of the Interior, i.e. Enter Croatia.

All border crossings for local border traffic on the border with Croatia are open. Slovenian and Croatian citizens and persons with the right to free movement as per union law can cross the state border at those border crossings.

Crossing the state border with Italy

Important noticePlease check Italy’s entry requirements and the measures in place at the borders before travelling to Italy.

Crossing the state border with Austria

Important noticePlease check Austria’s entry requirements and the measures in place at the borders before travelling to Austria.

Crossing the state border with Hungary

Important notice: before travelling to Hungary, check their conditions for entry and measures on the border crossings.

As of 1 May 2021, an agreement is in force between Slovenia and Hungary on the mutual recognition of certificates of vaccination/immunity from Covid-19 issued in Slovenia and Hungary. Hungarian certificates indicate the date when a second dose of the vaccine was received (when a second dose is required) or the expiry date of the document in the case of persons who have recovered from Covid-19.

Non-essential travel

As of 19 February 2022, upon the expiry of the Ordinance on the conditions of entry into the Republic of Slovenia due to the containment and control of the infectious disease COVID-19, Slovenia no longer has any specific conditions of entry related to COVID-19. However, the EU Recommendations on the temporary restriction of non-essential travel continue to apply to travellers arriving in Slovenia from third countries and are implemented at the external Schengen border.

According to these recommendations, travel to the EU for non-essential reasons is allowed to fully vaccinated persons and to persons coming from the countries or entities listed in Annex 1. Persons are considered fully vaccinated if they have undergone a full vaccination procedure with vaccines which were approved by the European Medicines Agency or granted emergency use listing by WHO.

What is deemed essential travel is defined in the Guidelines concerning the exercise of the free movement of workers during COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia