Our travels should also reflect the level of our responsibility in the following areas:

Social responsibility

We are committed to ensuring that our travels are designed to support the local and rural communities through which we travel. During our travels, we encourage participants to get to know and respect local culture, taste local food and drinks, and participate in local community projects. We work closely with our local partners and accommodation providers to contribute to the preservation and presentation of local culture and traditions by providing our clients with an unforgettable experience.

Economic responsibility

We choose our accommodation carefully so that our clients can be accommodated in comfortable and pleasant accommodation at the end of the day.

Especially in more remote locations, where the experiences include exceptional views and unspoiled nature, we choose hotels and guesthouses owned by locals, which in addition to impeccable cleanliness and traditional hospitality also offer delicious, locally prepared food from fresh seasonal ingredients and in a unique local ambience.


Whenever possible, we use public transport vehicles such as buses, trains and ships, also to transport our customers to the starting point or to the end of their journey. We also encourage them to use public transport instead of passenger cars, which are neither economical nor environmentally friendly, unless there really is no other option. Among the various options for choosing food or accommodation providers, we always choose the one that comes from the local environment or tradition and with, and always support the local economy.

Environmental responsibility

We design our travel packages by choosing solutions and contractors who are distinguished by a responsible attitude towards the environment. We include environmental responsibility in all segments of our operations, and at the same time, we pass on our philosophy to the participants of our travels. The information package we provide to all our customers also includes instructions on how to behave in contact with the natural, rural or urban environment in order to leave as little environmental footprint as possible. We do not pollute the environment with our travels, we do not cause unnecessary noise and at the same time, we strengthen our health with active movement.