FleKsBus - events calendar

FleKsBus is a transport system with the purpose to replace the non-existent public transport in the area of the Kras and above all to animate daily routine to tourist staying in tourist accommodation*.

As the name itself suggests, we want to be completely flexible, that is, adapted to the events that take place and the activities that vacationers want, which are swimming and sunbathing in the nearby sea and various sports and entertainment activities, such as hiking, cycling, visits to sights, events and the like.

Our timetable is adapted to these activities and guarantees you regular arrivals and worry-free returns, even if you have indulged in a drop of excellent local wine. Forget about narrow and unfamiliar roads, forget about fatigue, discomfort if you drank more alcohol than the rules allow – indulge yourself in the pleasures of getting to know the authentic tastes, smells and shapes of the place where you are on vacation! FleKsBus arrival and departure times are flexible – that is, adapted to event schedules, and stops to tourist accommodation locations. The means of transport are vans or, in case of high demand, a minibus.

We also provide transportation to the nearest airports of Trieste (Ronchi dei Leggionari), Venice (Marco Polo and Treviso) and Ljubljana (Brnik)**. The transport price list can be found below**.

Do you have wishes that you would like to fulfill in the company of friends or family, but you do not have suitable transportation?

Are you a larger group that would benefit from transportation only for your needs and from your location? Ask for an offer tailored special to you!

Call or write to us for an individual offer tailored to your needs and wishes.

Mobile: + 386 (0)40 26 44 33
Email: info@gremozeleno.eu

No events available.

** Price list of transport to the nearest airports: (one-way transport)

Airport, destinationtransport cost
Trieste – Ronchi dei Leggionari45 €
Venice – Marco Polo140 €
Venice – Treviso140 €
Ljubljana – Brnik100 €
  • Number of passengers: up to 8 people

*FleKsBus covers the area bounded in the north by Črni hribi, i.e. the towns of Nova Vas, Lokvica, Kostanjevica na Krasu, Lipa, Škrbina, as far as Štanjel, in the east it extends to the Raša valley – the towns of Avber, Kazlje, Štorje, Divača, Matavun and Rodik, in the south to the Adriatic Sea along the line Kozina-Hrpelje via Dolina to Trieste and all the hinterland coastal places to Tržič (Monfalcone), and then in the west past Sredipolje (Redipuglia), Zagrajec (Sagrado) to Sovodnje ob Soia. In the near future, we will recognize this area as the Kras – Carso georegion.