By bike along the old Kras-trails from both sides of the border

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This time we will be following the extreme southwestern border of Slovenia. The starting point will be in the village of Dol pri Vogljah, less than 10 minutes from the Sežana -West highway exit. The route will first lead us along the southern, Italian side of the Kras, past the villages of Repen, Zgonik, Salež and Šempolaj, where we will turn to the north, to the Slovenian side. The “reason” is one of the “osmica” with the longest tradition with the local name Kosmina, which will open their doors and caves these days. Delicious homemade dried meats and a range of home-cooked food distinguish it, and above all, their “borjač”, where in the middle of October there is still enough shade under the luxurious chestnut trees for everyone who finds the pleasantly caressing October sun too strong. We will return to Dol pri Voglje mainly on forest roads and paths.

Along the way, we will stop at the hill Tabor above Repen, where the famous pilgrim church reigns on the viewing platform, visit the almost unbelievable Repen rocks on the neighboring hill, the Kras house and the Škaljunk Lupinc Park – the museum of the Kras and the First World War, which is also part of the Walk of Peace.

Anyone who would like to get to the starting point by train can use the connections to Sežana, but at the time they had to add a good 10 kilometers to the length of the route, partly along a non-trafficked local road, partly along a forest path under Mali Medvejk, as well as a 300-meter ascent and an hour of cycling. 

Duration:1 day
Total distance: 40,5 Km
Avg. distance:
Total height:973 m
Bicycle type:trekking, gravel or MTB, e-support recommended
Countries:Slovenia, Italy
Begin/End:Dol pri Vogljah (Sežana railway station)
Price (guided / self-guided):45 €

The trips are planned very carefully, but we cannot predict unforeseen events or road works, so minor deviations or adjustments of routes are also possible.


  • Tabor hill with the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ascension
  • the Repen Rocks
  • the Kraška Hiša ethnological museum
  • the Škaljunk Lupinc Park
  • the villages of Dol pri Vogljah, Col, Repen, Repnič, Zgonik, Koludrovca, Salež, Praprot, Brje pri Komnu, Tublje pri Komnu and Veliki Dol

Price includes:

  • Entrance fees according to the program
  • A traditional cold and hot meal in “osmica”
  • Organization and management of the trip

Overall Tour Level:

Tour description:

For those who will arrive at the starting point by car, a parking space will be available in front of the Village Hall (directions to pizzeria Levada).

We will cycle across the border on an asphalt road, but immediately after it, at Col, we will turn right to the old road connection, called the “Path of Poets” – a more than 500-meter-long walking path that leads under the Tabor hill, on which is the famous church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ascension. Tabor has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and the church in which, among other, the Kras wedding (Kraška ohcet) takes place every second year, has been standing there since the beginning of the 16th century. There is a short but steep path to the viewpoint next to the church, but the view outweighs the effort on the climb.

The descent will take us along the road that is used by the wedding procession in national costumes as well, and it ends at the Kraška House in Repen. This beautifully restored traditional house, as our ancestors lived in, is now an ethnological museum, where we will also stop for a short time. Even earlier, our curiosity will be piqued by the Repen rocks – a wonderful example of a water erosion of karst rocks.

In the following, we will ride on numerous cycling and hiking trails that cross the “tongue” of the Italian territory of the Karst, which extends to Trieste, – along Gemini, the Zorko Jelinčič trail, the Old Carsic trail, the Alpe Adria trail... and after visiting the Škaljunc Lupinc Park we divert to the north, on the track to Brje pri Komnu.

By then we will be very hungry and the delicious Karst delicacies in Kosmina’s “osmica” will be more than welcome! Invigorated, we will return to the forest and field paths, and in between, we will switch for a short time, while crossing the settlements, to asphalt roads. We will return to the main road by the “ancient” trade link – Maria Theresia road, and from there we will soon divert through the village of Vrhovlje, back to the starting point.

Overall Tour Level:

Irena Hlede is an architect by education, but has also worked in the fields of graphic design, journalism and sustainable mobility. She has been engaged in many sports activities, from sailing to skiing or badminton, but the common thread throughout remains cycling. She regularly collaborate with the non-governmental organization Slovenian cycling network and with the European Cycling Federation ECF, lectures on cycling and remains loyal to long-distance cycling at all times. In this field, she completed trainings for the Assessor under the scheme “Cycling-Friendly Employer”, Development of Mobility Plans and for the EuroVelo Route Inspector. She obtained as well the title and knowledge of a tourist guide at the national level and is the founder and owner of the travel agency GremoZeleno – GoGreenWay. In addition to “her” areas of architecture and art, she is also keenly interested in ethnology, geography and history with an emphasis on everything related to our tradition, especially some “silent” areas, such as the existence of pagan religions. She researches as well many “borderline” skills, such as dowsing or geomancy. She is a convinced environmentalist and an opponent of violence and wars.

She speaks English and French and, of course, Croatian and Serbian.


Mostly flat terrain, only shorter lower hills are possible.
Slightly hilly terrain, ascents and descents are shorter and technically and undemanding for those who are not fit enough.
Hilly terrain, ascents and descents can also be longer and steeper-
Hilly terrain, ascents and descents can be very long and technically demanding.
Mountainous terrain, very demanding ascents and descents on single tracks, tows or otherwise demanding trails that require a high level of fitness and technical skills.
 EASY: Relaxed cycling, suitable for beginners and families who want cycling experiences. There is a lot of time and opportunities on the way to stop and relax, and the terrain is undemanding in terms of altitude – mostly flat or with gentle slopes. The road surfaces are also undemanding – asphalt or well-paved and smooth gravel. As a rule, the lengths of daily sections do not exceed 35 kilometers.
MEDIUM EASY: Suitable for cyclists with an active lifestyle who cycle regularly. The cycling sections are longer and more demanding in terms of fitness. Medium-demanding terrain can also contain longer and steeper ascents and descents. The lengths of daily sections of mostly road-cycling tours are on average between 45 and 75 kilometers, and touring-cycling tours more than 30 kilometers.
MEDIUM DEMANDING: Suitable for occasional cyclists – mostly undemanding cycling, but some days can also contain longer easy ascents or descents or shorter ascents that are more demanding or descents. The lengths of the daily sections are on average between 25 and 55 kilometers per day.
DEMANDING: Suitable for very active and well-prepared cyclists who want cycling challenges that are more demanding. Medium to very demanding terrains can also contain longer and steeper ascents and descents. The lengths of daily road and cycling sections are on average between 65 and 85 kilometers, while touring cycling sections are correspondingly shorter, but at least more than 40 km.
VERY DEMANDING: The most demanding cycling challenges. Suitable for excellent cyclists with high fitness level for longer cycling tours. These can be either typical road-cycling tours with daily sections longer than 85 kilometers or cycling tours on demanding terrains where the daily sections are shorter, but in any case longer than 50 kilometers and demanding in both height gain and surfaces.
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