Original museums along the border and the natural beauties of the lower Vipava Valley by bike

October 30, 2022


We will start cycling from Trg Evrope next to the Nova Gorica railway station in the direction of the Panovec forest and Stara Gora towards Vogrsko, where one of the traditional inns “osmica” with the longest tradition, Pri Mimici, opened its doors these days. There we will refresh ourselves with delicious local dishes and continue our journey towards the river Vipava and the border with Italy.. 

The terrain near to the border is almost completely flat, but not to get bored, we will be entertained by the contents of four mini-museums, the contents of which in one way or another, and in any case, in an interesting and also entertaining way, talk about life in these places, fatally cut through by the national at the end of World War II.

The cycling trip concept includes the option to get to the cycling starting point and back home by train, but, of course, there are enough parking spaces for other vehicles types at the train station.
Duration:1 day
Total distance: 34,5 Km
Avg. distance:
Total height:529 m
Bicycle type:trekking or gravel
Begin/End:Nova Gorica railway station,
Price (guided / self-guided):45 €

The trips are planned very carefully, but we cannot predict unforeseen events or road works, so minor deviations or adjustments of routes are also possible.


  • the city of Nova Gorica – Trg Evrope, the Panovec forest natural monument, Stara Gora, the towns of Šempeter, Miren, Orehovlje, Bilje, Renče and Vogrsko, the vineyard area Biljensko-Vrtojbenski griči, the museum collection in Miren, the memorial museum in the military guard tower in Vrtojba, Pristava Museum with the exhibition “Šverc! Smuggling in Goriška after the World War II”, museum collection station with the exhibition “State border in Goriška 1945–2004”

Price includes:

  • Entrance fees according to the program
  • A traditional cold and hot meal in “osmica”
  • Travel management and organization

Tour description:

We will start cycling at Trg Evrope next to the Nova Gorica railway station and warm up on an almost perfect flat terrain at the beginning. We will drive past the last city buildings to the Koren canal and further into the mystical forest of Panovec. Today it is a popular refuge for recreationists and other sportsmen, but once with its luxurious greenery it was considered a valuable property of local nobles. The terrain will start to rise slightly here, all the way to the top of the next hill called Stara Gora (which luckily is not a “real” mountain – Gora). From the top of the hill on, we will have beautiful views of the Vipava Valley, which we will enjoy all the way to Vogrsko, where the traditional inn “Osmica” Pri Mimici with delicious homemade delicacies will await us on a gentle hill.

After lunch, we will descend past the Vogrsko manor and the surrounding fields and vineyards to the Vipava River and the village of Renče. Before Bilje, we will climb one last time, this time barely noticeable on the slopes of the Biljensko – Vrtojbenski hills. From the village of Bilje, we will return to the river Vipava and the village of Orehovlje, which is famous for its delicious cultivated asparagus.

From the state border on, the terrain will be almost completely flat, but not to be bored while cycling the contents of the four mini-museums will entertain us. The first one will be in Miren, right next to the border, and talks about events on the borderline between tragedy and grotesque, triggered by ill-considered political decisions. The next museum is the smallest in Slovenia and among the smallest in the world, but it is highly recognized for its presentation of life along the border after World War II.

In the suburbs of Nova Gorica, in the former border customs office (“on the block”, as the locals say), the third museum with the least distant content in time will await us – it is dedicated to smuggling, or “šverc” as they say. Some still remember well the period when we more or less secretly transported jeans, powder, coffee… over the border, others are too young. It will be fun for everyone to see what has been carried past the customs officials.

From here to the end of the cycling part of our journey, it will only be a short part of the way through the unused tunnel of the Bohinj railway to the railway station, where the last museum dedicated to life along the border will await us.

Overall Tour Level:

Mostly flat terrain, only shorter lower hills are possible.
Slightly hilly terrain, ascents and descents are shorter and technically and undemanding for those who are not fit enough.
Hilly terrain, ascents and descents can also be longer and steeper-
Hilly terrain, ascents and descents can be very long and technically demanding.
Mountainous terrain, very demanding ascents and descents on single tracks, tows or otherwise demanding trails that require a high level of fitness and technical skills.
 EASY: Relaxed cycling, suitable for beginners and families who want cycling experiences. There is a lot of time and opportunities on the way to stop and relax, and the terrain is undemanding in terms of altitude – mostly flat or with gentle slopes. The road surfaces are also undemanding – asphalt or well-paved and smooth gravel. As a rule, the lengths of daily sections do not exceed 35 kilometers.
MEDIUM EASY: Suitable for cyclists with an active lifestyle who cycle regularly. The cycling sections are longer and more demanding in terms of fitness. Medium-demanding terrain can also contain longer and steeper ascents and descents. The lengths of daily sections of mostly road-cycling tours are on average between 45 and 75 kilometers, and touring-cycling tours more than 30 kilometers.
MEDIUM DEMANDING: Suitable for occasional cyclists – mostly undemanding cycling, but some days can also contain longer easy ascents or descents or shorter ascents that are more demanding or descents. The lengths of the daily sections are on average between 25 and 55 kilometers per day.
DEMANDING: Suitable for very active and well-prepared cyclists who want cycling challenges that are more demanding. Medium to very demanding terrains can also contain longer and steeper ascents and descents. The lengths of daily road and cycling sections are on average between 65 and 85 kilometers, while touring cycling sections are correspondingly shorter, but at least more than 40 km.
VERY DEMANDING: The most demanding cycling challenges. Suitable for excellent cyclists with high fitness level for longer cycling tours. These can be either typical road-cycling tours with daily sections longer than 85 kilometers or cycling tours on demanding terrains where the daily sections are shorter, but in any case longer than 50 kilometers and demanding in both height gain and surfaces.


October 30, 2022


(at least 6 people)

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