A hike from Sesljan (Sistiana) to Križ (Santa Croce)

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On the second part of the winter hiking trip, we will walk the distance from the tourist resort of Mali pristan (Portopiccolo) to the Križ (Santa Croce). Between them will be the village Nabrežina (Aurisina), famous for its quarries.

The starting point will be in the attractive tourist resort Mali pristan (Portopiccolo), built in the ruins of an abandoned quarry. First, we will walk by the prestigious beaches and continue to “wild” ones, accessible mainly by many “elephant” paths that lead from the nearby coastal road “costiera”. After, we climb to the road, and “catch” there the Fishing Path that leads to Nabrežina. We will peek into the heart of one of the local quarries and continue along the Lavender Trail to the village of Križ, where we will visit an interesting fishing museum, which is a priceless testimony to the rich fishing tradition of the local Slovenian population.

The starting point of the trip is at the railway station in Sežana, which is at the same time accessible by public transport (train) and a car, which you can park there without worry. From here, we will continue our journey with vans or mini-buses, which will also take us back to our starting point at the end of the journey.
Duration of the trip:1 day
Estimated mileage:8,6 km
Estimated total ascent:383 m
Necessary equipment:hiking shoes, hiking poles
Countries:Slovenia, Italiy
Begin/End:Sežana Raiilway Station
Price 35 EUR

Tour surface description:

The route leads us partly on paved macadam or asphalt paths and roads, but partly on beach stones and  paths with rocks. The climbs are in a minor section medium demanding.


  • Mali Pristan – Portopiccolo tourist resort
  • quarries in Nabrežina (Aurisina)
  • Fishing trail
  • Fishing Museum in Križ (santa Croce)
  • numerous steps from the karst plateau to the sea

Price includes:

  • entrance fees
  • transportation to the starting point and from the end of the trip
  • management and organization of the trip
  • snack at the end of the trip

.Overall Tour Level::

Tour description:

This time we will drive from the railway station in Sežana to Sesljan (Sistiana), more precisely to Mali Pristan (Portopiccolo), from where we will start our hike. The route will first lead us along a well-maintained walkway past the beaches and entertainment facilities next to them, all of which only serve the five-star tourist resort.

But when the slope above the coast gets so close to the sea that there is only room for the wild beaches of undemanding bathers, the walking path moves along the edge of the beach, rises slightly from time to time and then descends again, but for quite some time it keeps us in touch with the wonderful views of the cliffs by Devin Castle and those from Rilke’s promenade and further to the Gradež (Grado) dunes. On the other side, the silhouettes of Trieste and the Miramare Castle in front of it are occasionally drawn. As we will get closer to the “quarry” Nabrežina, the vertical rocks will close the path by the beach, so we will have climb to the road.

We only stay there for a short time, as we soon meet an abandoned road that takes us past Marina Nabrežina (Aurisina) to the path towards the beach “Pri čupah”, which for centuries served as a harbor for anglers from Nabrežina, but today bathers more often use it.

From there on, the Riibiška (anglers) path leads us down many steps – a connection along which the anglers of the riverbank used to walk daily to their homes, located more than 100 meters higher. The ascent will reward us with wonderful views. The path along the edge of the karst plateau is wide and pleasant for walking, allowing us to enjoy different views of the sea, the Gulf of Trieste and the Friuli plain all the way to the peaks of the Dolomites.

It brings us to the village of Križ (Santa Croce), where we will end our hike in the Fishing Museum, where the descendants of local anglers have collected and exhibited items from the centuries-old tradition of fishing. We will end the hike on the viewing terrace with a beautiful view of the Bay of Trieste (and further…), which combines the Fishing Museum with the Cultural House of the Slovenian inhabitants.

The ones, who will still have a lot of energy at the end of the trip, will have the unique opportunity to descend by the countless stairs to the sea and the port of the anglers.

.Overall Tour Level::

Irena Hlede is an architect by her profession, but she has worked in the fields of graphic design, journalism and sustainable mobility as well. It was engaged in many sports activities, from sailing to skiing or badminton, but the common thread throughout remains cycling. She regularly participates in the non-governmental organization Slovenska kolesarska mreža (Slovenian Cyclists network) as well as with the European Cycling Federation ECF, lectures on cycling and remains loyal to long-distance cycling. In this field, she completed several trainings – among others for the Assessor under the scheme “Cycle Friendly Employer”, Development of Mobility Plans and for the EuroVelo Route Inspector. She obtained the title and knowledge of a tourist guide at the national level, too, and is the founder and owner of the travel agency GremoZeleno – GoGreenWay. In addition to the in the university obtained areas of architecture and art, she is also keenly interested in ethnology, geography and history with an emphasis on everything related to the local tradition, especially some less known areas, such as the indigenous religion and the people who followed it. She also researches many “borderline” skills, such as dowsing or geomancy. It is a convinced environmentalist and an opponent of violence and wars in general.

She speaks English and French and, of course, Croatian and Serbian.

Mostly flat terrain, only shorter lower hills are possible.
Slightly hilly terrain, ascents and descents are shorter and technically and undemanding for those who are not fit enough.
Hilly terrain, ascents and descents can also be longer and steeper-
Hilly terrain, ascents and descents can be very long and technically demanding.
Mountainous terrain, very demanding ascents and descents on single tracks, tows or otherwise demanding trails that require a high level of fitness and technical skills.
 EASY: Relaxed and gentle hikes for hikers of average fitness and generally good health. They lead along maintained paths and are marked with boards or markings. The terrain is mildly undulating, without challenging ascents and descents. No prior hiking experience is required, so they are suitable for beginners as well. Daily walking is limited to 3-5 hours or a maximum of 12 kilometers.
MEDIUM EASY: In principle, undemanding hikes, but in some places they can also include a longer hike on medium-demanding hills with steeper ascents or descents. In general, the hiking trails are well maintained, but shorter sections with a rougher surface in places and steeper or exposed trail sequences are possible. Daily walking is limited to 4-6 hours or a maximum of 15 kilometers.
MEDIUM DEMANDING: Suitable for more experienced hikers with generally good fitness. The moderately demanding hiking level includes longer hiking trails and steeper ascents and descents. Longer sections of ascents or descents or several short steep ascents or descents are also possible on the route. The terrain can be mixed, including rocky areas and mixed surfaces. Daily walking is limited to 5-7 hours or a maximum of 20 kilometers.
DEMANDING: Suitable for active, physically fit hikers who want challenging hiking experiences. They also cover longer steep climbs or descents and high-altitude (climbing) areas of the ground, which can also be rough or slippery in places. The hikes are mostly moderately demanding, but some are also longer and more demanding. From time to time, it is also possible to hike from the hut to the hut, when you have to carry your own luggage / backpack. Daily walking is limited to 6-9 hours or a maximum of 30 kilometers.
VERY DEMANDING: Suitable for very experienced and physically fit hikers. Navigation experience required. Steep ascents and descents over rough and mixed surfaces in high mountain areas are covered, as well as on exposed paths, fixed turnouts and slippery surfaces. It can be expedition-style and require demanding daily walks, in areas where you walk from hut to hut and carry your own luggage / backpack. The daily volume of walking is on average 8-10 hours, or more than 30 kilometers.


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Hike from Sesljan (Sistiana) to Križ (Santa Croce)

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