Terms of Payment

Terms of Payment

When registering for the trip, the passenger pays a registration fee of 30% of the package price, or as much as stated in the travel program, cancellation insurance, if he opted for it, and the cost of the reservation. The rest is paid by the passenger at least 14 days before the start of the trip, or as stated in the program.

In the case, that the passenger or his check-in point does not pay the remaining part of the contractual obligation within the stipulated period, it is considered that he has canceled the travel contract, and the provisions on the passenger’s cancellation of the travel contract from point 11 of the General Terms and Conditions.

Timely and correctly paid registration fee and registration costs guarantee the passenger (under the conditions set out in these general Terms and conditions and instructions for travel arrangements or under the conditions set out in special Terms and conditions or program) participation or vacancy in an individual travel arrangement or trip. The passenger undertakes to pay the difference that would arise due to a possible calculation error on the issued document of the travel agency Gremo zeleno | Go Green Way (invoice or pro forma invoice), Go Green Travel Agency Go Green Way, however, undertakes to reimburse the passenger for any overcharged amount resulting from a calculation error. This obligation is valid until the end of the financial year.

Upon departure, the passenger is obliged to present to the travel manager a document on the paid arrangement (voucher or / and proof of payment); otherwise, the travel manager does not accept the passenger on the trip or arrangement.

The passenger can pay in cash or by other means of payment. In accordance with the conditions of non-cash operations of financial institutions, in the case of non-cash payment (credit cards, Maestro, BA, …) of a travel arrangement or other services of the travel agency Gremo zeleno | Go Green Way, in case of refund, travel agency Gremo zeleno | Go Green Way does not pay cash in any case, and the traveler can request a credit if he is entitled to it.

Payment for arrangements is in euros (EUR, €). The day of payment is considered to be the day when the passenger makes the payment, or when the tourist agency Gremo zeleno | Go Green Way receives payment to the transaction account of Pro anima, d.o.o., which manages its brand.

Details of all elements of the travel packages of the travel agency Gremo zeleno | Go Green Way are listed in the General Terms and Conditions and Instructions for Travel Arrangements.