First, for sure, because I spend most of my working time seating in front of computer. Despite their formal mobility (i.e. laptop), those machines tie the user to a chair. However, if you have at least a small desire for exercise, like exercise in the nature, on the fresh air, among meadows, trees and bubbling streams, then sometimes you have to do something for it! This “something” for me mean a vacation like a bike trip. The only difference is that for me It is just not enough “to go to the next corner”, but I do 500, 600 – up to more than 1.000 kilometers! With nothing else as a bicycle and a “house” on it – what means cycling bags filled with a tent, sleeping bag, a self-inflating pillow, a cooker, utensils … and on top of everything, a puppy. Yes, you hear well: our dog goes on trips with everywhere and has already visited a quite number of European countries.

Unfortunately, year 2020 stopped us with quarantines and closed borders, but before we cycled in Greece all the way to Crete and even to the most southern European island Gavdos, in Albania, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia… Of course, in addition to many short trips in our beautiful country Slovenia. It is difficult to describe how many magical, hidden corners can one discover there! Personally, I prefer the ones that lead me along a clear, playful stream, for example along the Dragonja and the tributaries that join it in its uppermost flow .. Or the route of the former narrow-gauge railway, which gently descends towards Trieste, high above the Glinščica stream. You can find another beauty almost behind every corner!

Why my choice do is a bicycle? Mainly because cycling trip is more pleasant, because you are in the fresh air all the time, especially if you, like me, prefer less busy roads, single trails and cart tracks – you discover there countless beauties everywhere. Forests and lyrical villages pass by and you can stop everywhere you want, without worrying whether you parked properly and leased a parking space long enough,… There is no traffic jams, no delays – just nothing you can worry about.

For more, there are almost no obstacles, as you can carry the bike across the creek or lift it over the fence. The passers-by and locals treat you completely differently as a cyclist, too – everyone is willing to help you, you talk to everyone directly, without opening windows or doors, without nervous drivers behind you… However, after all, you spend much less money for the trip that you can “invest” in something much more attractive than 95-octane petrol (or diesel). For example in longer holiday?

The truth is, of course, that you do much less kilometers than with a car, but you are rewarded for every single slow kilometer with the beauties you catch in sight along the way, with freedom and with experience. The latter, however, is a reflection about the scope of your holiday, that should be relaxation, enjoyment and complete freedom. And this is exactly what bicycle gives you, in a much bigger amount as most other means of transport. That is why my choice for a holiday is, whenever possible, a bicycle.